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  • Emergency Cleaning

    If your apartment has not been cleaned prior to your arrival, or an end of tenancy cleaning was not done properly. Cleaner London can help

  • Contract Cleaning London

    Contract Cleaning

    Our cleaners are trained to be sensitive within the working environment, and you can be rest assured that every care will be taken when cleaning your work spaces.

  • Domestic Cleaning London

    Domestic Cleaning London

    In a busy life, there’s no doubting the benefits of a home cleaning service but finding a reliable cleaner is not an easy task.

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning London

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    We will come in and clean everything from top to toe, carpets, upholstery, and the list goes on.

  • Builders Cleaning

    Builders Cleaning

    Cleaner London offers an After Builders cleaning service guaranteed to spruce up your home.

Cleaning and prolonging the life of your carpet

Look deep within the fibres of your carpet and you may be surprised at what you find.  Fragments of food, debris dropped from shoes and the general detritus of London living all contribute to a fine tilth which provides perfect nourishment for armies of dust mites.  And whilst general vacuuming will lift some of the dirt, it leaves behind enough deep down debris to destroy the carpet fibres and contribute to potential allergic reactions.

carpet cleaningLuckily help is at hand.  The Cleaner London steam carpet cleaning team are on hand.  Starting with a general vacuum, our London carpet cleaners then get to work on the deep down dirt.  Using a hot water extraction technique, the steam carpet cleaning process washes up deep dirt and kills many of the dust mites; reducing the incidences of allergic reactions.  In the process steam cleaning can help to remove stains and will plump up the fibres, prolonging the life of your London carpet.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well in this case steam carpet cleaning is one eco-friendly process which is generally effective.  Of course we can’t perform miracles and steam cleaning won’t restore carpets which are too far gone to be saveable but as long as your London carpet is steam cleaned regularly, you can expect to add to its useable lifetime.  In fact the major carpet cleaners recommend that carpets are professionally steam cleaned every 6 to 12 months.

For even better wear our London steam carpet cleaning team can spray your carpet with a protection system, helping to protect it from further dirt and damage.  Steam carpet cleaning works equally well on carpets and carpet tiles, making it ideal for treating carpeting at home and at work. 

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The Cleaner London team offer steam carpet cleaning either as part of a regular cleaning routine for domestic and commercial premises or as a one-off service.  Steam carpet cleaning can also be booked as part of a special clean such as an after-builder clean, an after-party clean or an end of tenancy clean.  For a schedule of prices click here.

Steam cleaning is not just effective for your London carpet clean.  Steam cleaning can also be used to reduce the instances of dust mites on mattresses, to deep clean a kitchen or bathroom or to clean many soft furnishings and curtains.

We’ve included some handy carpet cleaning hints below but if you want to find out more about how steam carpet cleaning can help to prolong the life of  your London carpets then give us a ring on 0207 582 0756.

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