Moving into summer

As we look out of the window it is hard to believe that it is April.  With snow flurries and a bitingly cold wind to chill our bones all we can think about is how many layers to wear to keep warm.  Plans for the future have gone on hold as we concentrate on warmth and staying snug.

In fact it’s hard to believe that this time last year we were basking in warm dry weather with warnings of a drought on the horizon.  The trouble is that once the warm weather does arrive we are in danger of being caught on the back foot, having to make plans in a rush as we desperately try to catch up on lost time.

Take moving home for example.  Traditionally the period from Easter to early summer is awash with thoughts and plans, with viewings and negotiations, and setting processes in motion which mean that we can move at the start of the summer holidays.  The Easter period too is one of the favourite times for moving home, with tenanted properties starting to change hands as we move away from winder doldrums and into summer smiles.

But for those who are moving at this time, the cold weather is not helping as we face the challenge of packing, cleaning and moving on whilst staying warm.  This is where Cleaner London can come to the rescue.  Our packing and removals service can take care of your move, even putting garments away and making beds in the new home if you choose our top level service.  Meanwhile the Cleaner London team can clean and scrub your old property, cleaning to meet landlord’s requirements so that you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the tenanted property you are leaving behind.

With cleaning, packing and moving taken care of you are free to explore your new London home and its surroundings.  Where’s the nearest good coffee bar, is mulled wine or hot chocolate on offer, and just where can you buy some fresh flowers to brighten up your new home?  Leaving end of tenancy cleaning to the Cleaner London team means that you can track down all these essentials and more without worrying about the drudgery.


So when you are thinking of moving in London, forget the cold, forget the harsh north air and head smilingly towards your new home.

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